History Postgraduate Association

Led by a committee elected annually in June by the History postgraduate cohort, the History Postgraduate Association (HPA) is committed to improving the experience of History students. We build solidarity and cohesion through events and activities, represent the voice of History postgraduate students, and provide avenues of communication between History students and our colleagues in SHAPS, the Faculty of Arts, and the Graduate Student Association.

Every semester the HPA convenes a seminar series, as well as organising the Snifters dinner, and a range of other social events for History postgraduate students.

The HPA 2021/22 is composed of Thea Gardiner, Co-President; Yowhans Kidane, Co-President; Simon Farley, Secretary; James Hogg, Treasurer; Cat Gay, General Committee Member.

Thea is the new co-president of the History Postgraduate Association. She is a first-year PhD student writing on the Australian artist and feminist Portia Geach (1873–1959). She is generally interested in Australian feminist history, and exploring the place of women in Australian historical memory. She is excited to be part of the history postgraduate community and advocate on behalf of the student body and looks forward to carrying on the work of the previous committee members.

Yowhans is a first-year MA student and the new HPA co-president. He lives out of an apartment in Brunswick East where, in addition to thesis writing, he spends most of his time devising stratagems to weather the bitter Melbourne cold. His thesis examine the circumstances which led to the demise of the Eritrean Liberation Front. He is very much excited to build on the good work of the past HPA committees.

Simon is a writer, theatre maker and second-year PhD student. Ze is researching settler-Australian attitudes towards non-native wildlife (so-called ‘invasive species’) from the 1820s to the present, mostly because it gives air another excuse to go bird watching. Ze loves being part of the postgrad community and is excited to help the HPA enrich and enliven that community.

James is the new treasurer of the History Postgraduate Association (HPA). James is a PhD candidate interested in Australian political history. James is looking forward to helping the HPA grow through new events and our exciting new seminar series.

Cat is returning to the HPA Committee this year as a General Committee Member, after her term as President in 2020-2021. Whilst she enjoyed her time in office, she is very happy to pass over the reins. Now in her second year of the PhD, Cat feels like she has finally settled into the graduate research life. Her thesis explores girls in nineteenth-century Victoria, and uses girls’ material culture to investigate their everyday lives, resilience and creativity. She is excited to be returning to the HPA Committee and is looking forward to fostering a fun and supportive community.

You can connect with the HPA via the Facebook page or email.

Temples near Nara Park, Japan, famous for its deer, designated national treasures. Photographer: Joe Parro