Research Initiative on Post-Soviet Space

The Research Initiative on Post-Soviet Space (RIPSS) is an interdisciplinary seminar series and research network for scholars working in Soviet/post-Soviet/Slavic studies, convened by Professor Mark Edele and Dr Julie Fedor.

This research network was founded in 2017, as the Melbourne Eurasianist Seminar Series (MESS). In 2023, it was re-launched as the Research Initiative on Post-Soviet Space (RIPSS).

Core Aims

  • Consolidate the emerging strength of post-Soviet studies at the University of Melbourne
  • Build a platform for further grant success
  • Advance postgraduate and post-doctoral recruitment and enhance the postgraduate experience in post-Soviet studies across the University
  • Build relationships of mutual benefit with other research groups and institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region

Core Activities

  • Convening the RIPSS seminar series
  • Promoting high-quality research through peer-reviewed journals and book series:
  • Embedding our research into teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Fostering a collegial community of scholarly inquiry embracing both staff and students
  • Extending the research and impact of our research, including through digital scholarship
  • Building relationships with local diaspora communities and other stake-holders

For more information or to be added to our mailing list, email Julie Fedor.


Feature image: Памятники (Pamyatniki/Monuments), Grisha Bruskin, 1983 via Wikimedia Commons