The HPS Podcast

The HPS Podcast shares fascinating contemporary research in History and Philosophy of Science with those outside the discipline. Each episode is designed to be short, engaging and entertaining. Covering a wide range of topics, this is a podcast for anyone with a fascination for history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, human inquiry and those who simply wish to broaden their minds.

The podcast is produced by scholars and students in the History and Philosophy of Science Program in SHAPS. These include the core team of Professor Fiona Fidler (founder and HPS Head of Program), PhD candidate and former Forum writer Samara Greenwood (presenter and editor), and producer, web maestro and social media star, HPS Honours student, Indigo Keel. They interview and collaborate with a variety of established and emerging scholars from around the world.

A new episode of the Podcast is released every Thursday. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate on Buzzsprout or your favourite podcast platform. Find more on the websiteTwitterInstagram and Facebook.