Melbourne Logic Seminar

The Melbourne Logic Seminar meets on Zoom on scheduled days from 11am to 1pm as of March 2020. It’s an active research seminar in logic and related fields, with active participants from universities across Melbourne.

The seminar is currently convened by Dr Shawn Standefer.

Information about the talks, including the zoom meeting room URL, is sent around on the mailing list several days before. To attend, contact Shawn via email. For further information, visit the website or follow us on Twitter.

Feature image: page 77 of Time and Modality, A. N. Prior, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1957 (detail). Arthur Prior was a very influential New Zealand logician, who, at the time of the delivery of the 1955-56 Locke Lectures at Oxford (the text of which is published as Time and Modality), was the Professor of Philosophy at the Canterbury University College, New Zealand.