History & Philosophy of Science Seminar Series

The History and Philosophy of Science program runs a weekly seminar series at 12 noon on Tuesdays during semester. All are welcome to attend.

The seminars feature talks on the full range of the discipline, including historical studies, philosophical insights, social and cultural analyses of science, and metaresearch into scientific practices. Presenters include local, interstate and international scholars ranging from postgraduate students to distinguished professors.

A schedule of forthcoming talks, as well as details of past talks, can be found on our website.

In Semester One, 2023, seminars will usually be held at 12 noon on Tuesdays in John Medley East G63i, so please put that time in your calendar. However, note that some seminars may be held in an alternate location, so please keep an eye out for those. We also have one special evening seminar from a European presenter; please do stay tuned to the weekly emails for details. For most seminars we will also be offering online options, with the link also circulated by email the day before the seminar.

The semester’s program is currently listed at the usual spot on our website

Feel free to spread the word about the seminars, they are open to all interested people. It is possible for anyone to subscribe themselves to the HPS Seminar Mailing List.

If you have suggestions or requests for speakers, or any other questions, please contact Martin Bush.