The front cover of Chariot Tea History Mini Edition, 2021, designed in Canva by Daisy Norfolk (L). Front cover of Chariot journal 4, which features the artwork of Alice Wallis. Diana of Versailles, 100BCE, 2021 (R)

Student History Journal Chariot in 2021

Chariot is an undergraduate history journal created by and for students. Founded in 2018, the journal provides a space for students to engage with history in their own way, publishing online and in print. In this blogpost, Chariot editors Daisy Norfolk and Lauren Song report on their activities over the past year.

2021 has been an extraordinary year for Chariot. From a record number of submissions to the expansion to history-inspired artwork contributions, we could not be prouder of the journal’s exponential growth in the past year.

The front cover of Chariot Tea History Mini Edition, 2021. Designed in Canva by Daisy Norfolk

This year saw the launch of our first mini-edition in collaboration with the University of Melbourne Tea Appreciation Society, a physical Chariot exhibition displayed in Arts West, and the establishment of Chariot as an UMSU-affiliated student club.

‘The Joys of Afternoon Tea’ by Zoe Keeghan. Spread from the Chariot Tea History Mini Edition, 2021

We also saw our largest ever Chariot team, with nine incredible sub-editors from a range of majors (not just history!), who not only went above and beyond in working with our contributors but also took initiative in leading projects of their own.

Front cover of Chariot Volume 4, which features the artwork of Alice Wallis: Diana of Versailles, 100BCE, 2021

We made a number of changes this year. We increased the upload schedule of articles so as to have new content released every week, and we created a new Instagram page. Social media stories that spotlighted contributors and their pieces all created greater engagement with the student body than ever before. We are also grateful for the support of Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy and SHAPS for giving us valuable guidance throughout the year and helping us bring ideas and initiatives to life.


Chariot Volume 4 spread. Apollo and Hyacinthus, 2021 by Zoe Keeghan

Chariot Volume 4 includes a diverse range of content, from Bridget Bracken’s analysis of the glorification of violence in ancient Rome to Dan Crowley’s piece on the persecution of minorities in Myanmar in response to the recent events.

Chariot Volume 4 spread with poem by Elina Pugacheva, The 1st of July (L), and Ines Jahudka’s article, ‘Baker Boy and Beyond: the Aboriginal “Cultural Renaissance” of the 1980s and Australia’s View of Indigenous Music’ (R)

We are also excited to feature a number of creatives, from Elina Pugacheva’s poem The 1st of July to Zoe Keeghan and Alice Wallis’s ancient history-inspired artworks. The diverse formats and contributions are a reflection of Chariot’s core mission – to inspire students to interact with history in their own ways.

You can read the Chariot Volume 4, 2021 through this link, and the Chariot-Tea History Mini Edition here. Chariot can be found online at the website, on Facebook and Instagram.

The 2021 Editorial Team

Daisy Norfolk

Daisy is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Ancient World Studies; she also works as a casual field archaeologist in Victoria. She was co-editor of Chariot in 2021 and holds committee positions within other UniMelb clubs. Her main areas of interest are ancient Egyptian culture and language, portrayals of gender and women’s experiences in the ancient world, and classical reception studies. She is also very enthusiastic about contemporary political issues and recently ran as a presidential candidate in the 2021 UMSU elections.

Lauren Song

I am a third-year History student and I’ve been involved in Chariot since the end of my first year, when I nervously applied to be a sub-editor. My first contribution to the journal was in the form of an essay I had written for the Ancient World Studies subject Archaeology of the Roman World (ANCW20025), which was featured in Volume 3 of Chariot.

Becoming co-editor was a wonderful experience and really gave me the opportunity to not only expand Chariot to reach more students, but also develop myself personally and professionally as well.

Contributors to the 2021 issue

Bree Booth

Bridget Bracken

Dan Crowley

Lachlan Forster

Ines Jahudka

Zoe Keeghan

Felix Kimbers

Molly Lidgerwood

Elina Pugacheva

Jacey Quah

Julia Richards

Alice Wallis



Charlotte Allan

Vita Banducci

Yiwei Deng

Zack Goutzoulas

Sunnie Habgood

Greta Kantor

Elina Pugacheva

Jacey Quah

Avalon Welch

Feature image: Front cover of Chariot Tea History Mini Edition, 2021 (L) and front cover of Chariot Tea History Mini Edition, 2021. Both designed in Canva by Daisy Norfolk