Remembering Stuart Macintyre

Professor Stuart Macintyre (1947–2021) was one of Australia’s most outstanding historians and public intellectuals. An extraordinarily prodigious scholar, his scholarship covered many fields including the history of social movements, Australian public policy, intellectual history and labour history. Stuart was an inspiring teacher and PhD supervisor and mentor; his generous support of the careers of others was a gift from which many have benefited over several decades. He made an enormous contribution to the history profession and to Australian intellectual life more broadly.

This two-day symposium honoured and celebrated Stuart’s extraordinary contributions across many scholarly fields and topics. It was timed to coincide with the publication of his final book, The Party: The Communist Party of Australia from Heyday to Reckoning, published by Allen and Unwin in February 2022.  

Over the two days, more than 300 of Stuart’s friends and colleagues gathered on-line and in-person for a memorable event. We also thank members of Stuart’s family for attending and contributing to this special occasion.

Remembering Stuart Macintyre: Historian, Mentor, Colleague

Each session can be viewed in full through the players below.


1. History of the Left

Chair: Julie Kimber

Speakers: Jon Piccini, Sean Scalmer, Diane Kirkby

2. Victorian Liberalism and Australian Politics

Chair: Carolyn Rasmussen

Speakers: Judy Brett, Frank Bongiorno, Paul Strangio

3. Universities and Intellectual Knowledge

Chair: Stephen Garton

Speakers: James Walter, Hannah Forsyth, Tamson Pietsch

4. The Party: A Reading

Comment: Peter Beilharz

Speakers: Liam Byrne, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Ann Curthoys

5. Post-War Reconstruction and the Post-War Period

Chair: Rob Pascoe

Speakers: Nicholas Brown, Joy Damousi, Tim Rowse

6. Australian History and Historiography

Chair: Anna Clark

Speakers: Marilyn Lake, Graeme Davison, Alison Bashford

7. The True Believer: The ALP

Chair: Clem Macintyre

Speakers: Tanya Plibersek, Kim Carr, John Faulkner, Geoff Gallop, Lindsay Tanner

8. PhD Supervisor

Chair: Sara Wills

Speakers: Fay Anderson, James Waghorne, Chris Healy, Daniel Rule

9. Colleague

Chair: Antonia Finnane

Speakers: Pat Grimshaw, Chips Sowerwine, Phillip Deery, Shurlee Swain