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  1. What was it Like to be a Child in the Roman Empire?

    As the researcher for a new children’s novel set in Ancient Roman times, archaeologist and SHAPS Honorary Tamara Lewit found herself hunting for answers to questions …


  2. Shan Windscript on Locating the New Socialist Countryside in Mao’s China

    A video-recording of Shan Windscript’s presentation to the SHAPS Fellows and Associates seminar (May 2021).


  3. The PolyMuse Project

    PolyMuse is one of the major research projects currently underway at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. The aim of the project is to develop …


  4. Leila Alhagh

    Leila Alhagh, ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Distanciated Islamic Manuscripts: ‘Sad Kalamih [Kalima] Shah Vilayat (One Hundred Sayings by Ali): Manzumih [Manzuma] dar Hajj (Futuh …


  5. Paul-Mikhail Podosky

    Paul-Mikhail Podosky, ‘Barriers to Change, Possibilities for Resistance: Concepts within Structures of Oppression, Obstacles to Innovation, and the Implementation Challenge of Conceptual Engineering’ (PhD, Philosophy, 2021) …


  6. Thank You, June McBeth!

    June McBeth retired this year after many years of dedicated service to the University of Melbourne. Since 2007, through many changes, June has been a constant, …


  7. Astronomy in World History

    One of the most popular subjects in the History and Philosophy of Science program is the second-year summer intensive, Astronomy in World History (HPSC20015). Conducted over …


  8. Control 2021

    From the Brexit campaign with its call to ‘take back control’, to cultural fashions like the Marie Kondo phenomenon, through to criminological and sociological theories on …


  9. The Life Stories of Gippsland Lakes Fishers

    An oral history project involving SHAPS Fellow Nikki Henningham is preserving the memories of the people who fished the Gippsland Lakes before commercial fishing was shutdown. …


  10. Mediterranean Archaeologists Gather Online

    In January 2021, over 200 archaeologists of the Mediterranean came together online for the inaugural Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) conference. The digital conference, organised …


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