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  1. Introducing MAARC: A New Network for Mediterranean Archaeologists in Australasia

    In 2020, Gijs Tol (University of Melbourne) and Jeremy Armstrong (University of Auckland) led a new initiative aimed at bringing together Australasian archaeologists of the Mediterranean. …


  2. Empowering Communities through Shared Learning

    For the last 9 years, conservator and Grimwade Centre PhD candidate, Sophie Lewincamp, has been investigating how conservators can better engage with community knowledge in a …


  3. The Queen who Defied the Holy Roman Emperor

    An Italian-born princess and sole heir to the Sforza dukedom, the life of Bona Sforza helps us understand how elite Renaissance women acquired, maintained and negotiated power. …


  4. Looking Back at the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic in Colonial Indonesia

    Colonial Indonesia was hit especially hard by the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918–1919, with the highest death rate in Asia after India. History PhD candidate Ravando …


  5. Documenting the History of Worco Crafts Co-operative

    After completing her PhD in History in 2019, Molly Mckew was commissioned to write the history of the Preston-based Worco crafts co-operative, to mark the fortieth …


  6. Cataloguing the University’s School of Chemistry Collection

    Grimwade Centre student Lia Sumichan worked in the University of Melbourne’s School of Chemistry Collection as part of the University’s Museums and Collections Projects Program. She told Isabella Walker how unique collection items and inspiring colleagues encouraged a newfound passion for chemistry.


  7. World AIDS Day: Interview with History Graduate Timothy Krulic

    Timothy Krulic is an Honours graduate from the University of Melbourne, having undertaken a combined degree in History and English and Theatre Studies. Since 2015, he …


  8. SHAPS Digest (November 2020)

    A monthly roundup of media commentary, publications and projects, and other news from across the School community.


  9. ‘Narratives & Power’: Melbourne Historical Journal Volume 47 Launch

    Melbourne Historical Journal (MHJ), our very own postgraduate History journal, launched its much-anticipated Volume 47 on 5 November 2020. Themed Narratives and Power, the 2019/2020 edition …


  10. ‘Donkey Work’ and the History of Labour

    Kathryn Smithies, Associate in History, recently published the book Introducing the Medieval Ass, on the cultural and socio-economic history of the donkey (previously known as the ass) …


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