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  1. New Perspectives on Filipino Textile Weaving

    There is a long and rich tradition of textile weaving in the Philippines. In October 2022 Dr Ana Labrador, currently Honorary Senior Fellow at the Grimwade …


  2. Lessons from the History of Tobacco Advertising Reform

    “There are uncanny parallels between the public health challenges posed by gambling advertising today and tobacco advertising 50 years ago.” Thomas Kehoe, Honorary Fellow, SHAPS and …


  3. Assessing Joe Biden’s Place in History

    Speculation over US President Joe Biden’s intention to run for office again is reaching fever pitch. Biden is, reportedly, on the verge of announcing he will …


  4. Essentialising ‘Russia’ won’t end the war against Ukraine

    In this article, republished from the Conversation, SHAPS Hansen Professor in History and Deputy Dean, Mark Edele, reviews Keir Giles’s Russia’s War on Everybody and the long historical context of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


  5. Alastair James

    Alastair James (PhD in Philosophy), ‘Labour Market Justice: Old and New Problems’ This thesis sets out to analyse normatively significant and in some cases under-theorised labour …


  6. Caroline James-Garrod

    Caroline James-Garrod (PhD in Philosophy, 2023) ‘Pressed for Time: A Study of Digital Journalists’ Ethical and Temporal Conundrums’ This thesis argues digital print journalists experience social …


  7. Diana Tay

    Diana Tay (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2023) ‘Building a Conservation Material Record: A Study of Paintings by Cheong Soo Pieng and Georgette Chen’ Despite the …


  8. Neville Yeomans

    Neville Yeomans (PhD in History, 2023) ‘A History of Australia’s Immigrant Doctors, 1838–2021: Colonial Beginnings, Contemporary Challenges’ Since colonisation in 1788, Australia has been populated by …


  9. A Settlement for the Ages at Rabati, Southwest Georgia

    The Rabati project is part of the long-running GAIA (Georgian-Australian Investigations in Archaeology) initiative, founded by Tony and Claudia Sagona of the University of Melbourne with …


  10. Gough Whitlam’s Legacy: Lessons for Labor Today

    On 2 December 1972, after 23 years in opposition, Gough Whitlam led the Labor party back to government. What followed was three tumultuous years of crisis …


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