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  1. The Life Stories of Gippsland Lakes Fishers

    An oral history project involving SHAPS Fellow Nikki Henningham is preserving the memories of the people who fished the Gippsland Lakes before commercial fishing was shutdown. …


  2. Mediterranean Archaeologists Gather Online

    In January 2021, over 200 archaeologists of the Mediterranean came together online for the inaugural Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) conference. The digital conference, organised …


  3. Gita Yoga: Interview with Dr Fay Woodhouse

    In October 2020, SHAPS Fellow Fay Woodhouse released her new book, Gita: Melbourne’s First Yoga School – 65 Years of History, exploring the different phases of …


  4. The Truth Behind A Pirate Legend

    Benito de Soto was a ruthless and violent pirate, but his story has been rewritten (and reimagined) over 200 years to create his modern rebel reputation. …


  5. Indigenous Culture Collections

    In November 2020, the Grimwade Centre – in partnership with Humanities 21 – hosted an online event showcasing Indigenous Collections at the University of Melbourne. The …


  6. Is This the End of the ‘American Century’?

    Is the United States’ time in the sun as the world’s superpower coming to an end? While American exceptionalism reigns supreme, the Capitol Hill riots revealed …


  7. Episode 6 in the SHAPS Podcast Series: Professor Mike Arnold

    Professor Mike Arnold discusses his research on the intersections between death, technology and society, in this final episode of the SHAPS 2020 ‘Disaster and Change’ podcast series, hosted by Dr Henry Reese.


  8. Introducing New Lecturer in Gender History, Dr Annabelle Baldwin

    Newly appointed Lecturer in Gender History, Dr Annabelle Baldwin, is a specialist in twentieth-century European and global history, with a particular interest in Holocaust studies, focusing …


  9. Introducing MAARC: A New Network for Mediterranean Archaeologists in Australasia

    In 2020, Gijs Tol (University of Melbourne) and Jeremy Armstrong (University of Auckland) led a new initiative aimed at bringing together Australasian archaeologists of the Mediterranean. …


  10. Scientist and Killer: A Split Life

    How does an urbane chemist become a Nazi, then go back to being a respected researcher? And what does it say about the extent of the …


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