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  1. Domestic Violence and the Law in Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome didn’t have specific domestic violence legislation – but the laws they did have give us a window into a world of abuse. In this article, republished from the Conversation, SHAPS’s Tim Parkin and Ash Finn, together with University of Sydney’s Eleanor Cowan and Kimberly Harris; and Kirsten Parkin (University of Cambridge), discusses evidence for family violence in the Roman world and legal frameworks that both enabled and addressed it. Readers are advised this story includes depictions of domestic violence and violence against women and children.


  2. Nicole Davis: Forum Content Manager

    Nicole Davis is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and a member of the Melbourne History Workshop based at the university. Her thesis examines …


  3. Why Wait? Treaty and the Federal Election

    First Nations Peoples shouldn’t have to wait for non-Indigenous Australians and the Government to catch up when it comes to committing to Treaty. Julia Hurst from …


  4. Becky Clifton

    Becky Clifton completed her PhD in Classics and Archaeology at the University of Melbourne in 2019. Her research centred diverse expressions of identity in the art …


  5. Henry Dobson

    Henry Dobson is a current PhD candidate in Philosophy. After completing his Master’s degree at Monash University in 2016, he moved to the UK where he …


  6. Ash Finn

    Hailing from Lancaster, UK, Ash Finn completed both a BA and an MA in Manchester before relocating to Melbourne to start a PhD in 2019. Approaching …


  7. Samara Greenwood

    Samara Greenwood

    Samara Greenwood is a PhD candidate in the History and Philosophy of Science program. Her thesis explores how changes in social context affect scientific work. The …


  8. Anton Donohoe-Marques

    Anton Donohoe-Marques (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Revisiting Anzac in the Wake of World War Two: Memory and Identity in the Post-War Period, 1945–1960’ This thesis explores …


  9. Elena Heran

    Elena Heran is a PhD Candidate in Classics & Archaeology. Her thesis centres around the treatment of male and female characters in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, examining the …


  10. MAARC 2022 Conference Report

    On 31 January-2 February 2022, SHAPS hosted the second Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) online conference. This event brought together researchers, students and ancient world …


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