1. “Too Many Aboriginal Babies”: Australia’s Secret History of Aboriginal Population Control in the 1960s

    In this article republished from The Conversation, SHAPS’s Dr Julia Hurst, together with Dr Laura Rademaker (Australian National University) and Professor Jakelin Troy, (University of Sydney), discuss eugenics policy directed at the reproductive rights of First Nations Australians in the second half of the twentieth century, a period often celebrated as a time of increasing […]


  2. Artem Bourov

    Artem Bourov (MA in Philosophy, 2024), ‘Be a Body: From Experiential Self-Awareness to a Truly Bodily Self’ Dan Zahavi has defended a systematic and influential account of our most basic form of experiential self-consciousness, pre-reflective self-awareness (PRSA). For Zahavi, PRSA explicates the subtle way in which we are always immediately aware of the experiences we […]


  3. Meet Hansen PhD Scholar Seth McKellar

    The Hansen Trust, established to advance the study of History at University of Melbourne, includes an annual PhD scholarship to the doctoral program in History in SHAPS. In 2023 the scholarship was awarded to Seth McKellar, who is investigating the history of transness and gender deviance. Tell us about your PhD project My research lies at the intersection […]


  4. What Remains of a Performance When the Curtain Goes Down?

    Archives are an incomplete but important record of dance and theatre, and the history and artistry of University of Melbourne students is being revisited through these ‘remains’. Arabella Frahn-Starkie, student in the Masters of Cultural Conservation, explores these questions in this new article, republished from Pursuit. My journey to working with archives has been an […]


  5. We’ve Taken Smoking From ‘Normal’ to ‘Uncommon’ and We can do the Same with Vaping

    Thomas Kehoe (Honorary, History; Cancer Council, Victoria), together with Carolyn Holbrook (Deakin) recently wrote on the history of anti-smoking campaigns in Australia, the effects of those campaigns on smoking rates, and how we can learn from these when it comes to quickly increasing vaping rates, in this article republished from The Conversation. Vaping is a […]


  6. Introducing Dr Kate Lynch, Lecturer in Philosophy of Science

    We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr Kate E Lynch as Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS). Dr Lynch is a philosopher of science and a biologist, whose work brings together philosophical analysis and empirical investigation. She is also a talented science communicator with a keen interest in engaging the […]


  7. How Ancient Romans Kept Cool in Summer

    A trip to the coast, a dip in the pool, and a snow-chilled drink. With our recent heatwaves in early 2024, Classics & Archaeology PhD Candidate Lily Moore was inspired to think about how the Romans managed to beat the heat and keep their cool during hot ancient summers. Lily ponders the question in this recent article, […]


  8. Nicole Davis: Forum Content Manager

    Nicole Davis received her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2023. Her thesis examined the social history of the shopping arcade in nineteenth-century Australia from a transnational perspective. She is a member of the Melbourne History Workshop based at the university, and a Research Fellow in history and sociology of education and qualitative data […]


  9. Carmelina Contarino

    Carmelina Contarino is an Honours student in the History & Philosophy of Science program. Her thesis explores scientific methodology through understanding researcher’s perceptions of exploratory research. Carmelina is interested in how perception of exploratory modes forms part of the research cycle, its impact on epistemic iteration and the self-correcting nature of science. Carmelina is also […]


  10. Madeline Davies

    Madeline (she/her) is communications professional and emerging conservator currently completing the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation at the Grimwade Centre. In 2019 she completed a BA at Monash University with a double major in Media and Communications, and Film and Screen Studies, and in 2021 completed the Executive Master of Arts at the University of […]


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