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  1. Unpacking the History of Quantum Mechanics

    Senior Lecturer in History & Philosophy of Science Dr Kristian Camilleri is currently completing work on a book which challenges the standard understanding of the history …

  2. Why Study Ancient Languages? An Interview with Dr Edward Jeremiah and Dr Andrew Turner

    We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr Edward Jeremiah and Dr Andrew Turner as Teaching Specialists in ancient languages. Andrew and Edward play key …

  3. Stuart Macintyre in Conversation with History Honours Students

    As part of the Honours subject The Writing of Australian History (HIST90023), students have the unique opportunity to meet with distinguished historian Professor Emeritus Stuart Macintyre …

  4. Meet Dr Sarah Bendall, McKenzie Fellow in History

    In 2020, Dr Sarah Bendall joined the History program as a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow. A historian of material culture, Sarah specialises in the dress of sixteenth- …

  5. Uncovering Connections in Britain’s Empire: An Interview with Professor Zoë Laidlaw

    Upon finishing her Honours at Melbourne, Zoë Laidlaw went on to complete her postgraduate degree at Oxford. After 20 years in the United Kingdom, she returned …

  6. Meet the new Head of School, Professor Margaret Cameron

    The Theory of Intellectual Virtues, from "Ethics, Politics and Economics" by Aristotle. 15th century. Author unknown.

    In the midst of her relocation from Canada to commence her appointment as the new Head of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (SHAPS), Professor …

  7. Revisiting Augustus’s Alternative Truth

    Twentieth-century bronze statue of the Roman Emperor Augustus, erected by Mussolini, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, 2018. Photograph © Donna Storey

    In October 2018 the inimitable Associate Professor Frederik Vervaet presented a riveting public lecture entitled “‘Monarch by Universal Consent’: Revisiting Augustus’ Alternative Truth”, as part of the 2018 Truth SHAPS Public Lecture series

  8. Where Strange Fruit Meets Eating Out: Food Studies at Melbourne

    By giannandrea - Own work, CC0,

    Pineapples as a status symbol in early modern Europe and nineteenth-century Sydney restaurants were the topics of papers presented by the two gastronomes from SHAPS at the 22nd Symposium of Australian Gastronomy in November 2018 in western Sydney.

  9. History Alumni News 2018

    Our annual newsletter celebrates the achievements of our students, past and present, and shares news about the research, teaching and other activities happening in the History program.

  10. Unlocking Ancient Scripts: 2019 Michael Ventris Award winner, Brent Davis

    Brent Davis (left) excavating at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel, the site of a major Philistine city: the regional headdress called the 'kaffiyah' is very practical in this hot and dry climate. Photograph © Richard Wiskin, 2013

    SHAPS Classics & Archaeology lecturer Dr Brent Davis was recently awarded the prestigious Michael Ventris Award for Mycenaean Studies. He spoke with Nicole Davis about his research.