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  1. Giovanni Piccolo

    Giovanni Piccolo (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2022), ‘The Collectanea Rerum Memorabilium by Gaius Julius Solinus: A Roman Geography for a Changing World’ The Collectanea Rerum Memorabilium is a collection of wondrous facts from various areas of natural science presented within the geographical framework of a description of the known world. Little is known of […]

  2. Safe Sex – Roman Style

    A video-recording of Professor Tim Parkin's presentation to the SHAPS Fellows & Associates Seminar (October 2021)

  3. Stephanie Zindilis

    Stephanie Zindilis (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2022) ‘Distaff Displacement: Narratives of Female Exile in Ovidian Poetry’ Displacement is a torment experienced by numerous women in Ovid’s Heroides and Fasti. Reading these episodes from a gendered perspective reveals nuances in the female vs. male experience of exile, broadening understanding of how exile is experienced by […]

  4. How to Pursue a Career in Archaeology

    In this interview, four of our recent graduates share their insights and advice on how to go about building a career in archaeology. Current PhD candidate Tom Keep spoke with Monique Corbett, an archaeologist working with Heritage Insight; Rachel Slocombe, a subcontracting archaeologist who is currently working with Australia Cultural Heritage Management; Gemma Lee, a […]

  5. Celebrating Our Students’ Achievements

    Looking back on last year’s note of congratulations to our student award recipients, I noted then the extraordinary (pandemic-driven) conditions during which the students were working. This year the point is doubly true and needs to be acknowledged explicitly. Most of the work that is being awarded by these prizes was done remotely, often independently, […]

  6. John Henry

    John Henry (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2021) ‘Femina Necans: A Study on Gendered Violence in Greek Tragedy’ In Greek tragedy, there were various methods available for a tragic woman to destroy her enemies: poison, a sword or dagger used in stealth, among other indirect methods. In this thesis, Femina Necans, these tropes will be […]

  7. Bengi Selvi-Lamb

    Bengi Selvi-Lamb (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2021) ‘Kura-Araxes Obsidian: A Case Study from Sos Höyük‘ The Kura-Araxes complex has a distinctive material assemblage that stretched across a wide geographical area from the Transcaucasus, through Lake Urmia basin in Northern Iran to Eastern Turkey and the Upper Euphrates region over at least 1000 years (3500–2400 […]

  8. Why Study Ancient Languages? An Interview with Dr Edward Jeremiah and Dr Andrew Turner

    We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr Edward Jeremiah and Dr Andrew Turner as Teaching Specialists in ancient languages. Andrew and Edward play key roles in introducing our students to Latin and Ancient Greek, and guiding them through their journey as they learn to read classical texts in the original language. In addition […]

  9. Control & the Imagery of Power: The Case of Emperor Augustus

    Episode 1 in the 2021 SHAPS 'Control' Podcast Series: Dr Roslynne Bell (Classics & Archaeology).

  10. What was it Like to be a Child in the Roman Empire?

    As the researcher for a new children’s novel set in Ancient Roman times, archaeologist and SHAPS Honorary Tamara Lewit found herself hunting for answers to questions she’d never considered. She tells us about Roman childhood in this new article republished from Pursuit. What would a school day be like in 313 CE? What games would […]

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