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  1. Safe Sex – Roman Style

    A video-recording of Professor Tim Parkin’s presentation to the SHAPS Fellows & Associates Seminar (October 2021)

  2. Exploring the History of Indian Philosophy

    Purushottama Bilimoria (Principal Fellow in Philosophy) is co-editor (with Amy Rayner) of a major volume, History of Indian Philosophy. Covering three thousand years of Indian philosophy, …

  3. Women & the Plague: The 1919 Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Melbourne

    A video recording of Mary Sheehan’s presentation to the SHAPS Fellows & Associates Seminar (September 2021).

  4. Discovering the ‘Mess and Stink’ of Romeo Lane

    A video recording of Professor Janet McCalman’s presentation to the SHAPS Fellows & Associates Seminar (July 2021).

  5. Equality and Fairness: Vaccines Against this Pandemic of Mistrust

    The COVID crisis has laid bare a crisis of trust. In many Western nations there’s a small but significant minority refusing to follow distancing guidelines, wear …

  6. Peter Yule on Vietnam Veterans and the Victorian Bar

    A video recording of Peter Yule’s presentation to the SHAPS Fellows & Associates seminar (June 2021).

  7. Control & the Imagery of Power: The Case of Emperor Augustus

    Episode 1 in the 2021 SHAPS ‘Control’ Podcast Series: Dr Roslynne Bell (Classics & Archaeology).

  8. What was it Like to be a Child in the Roman Empire?

    As the researcher for a new children’s novel set in Ancient Roman times, archaeologist and SHAPS Honorary Tamara Lewit found herself hunting for answers to questions …

  9. The Life Stories of Gippsland Lakes Fishers

    An oral history project involving SHAPS Fellow Nikki Henningham is preserving the memories of the people who fished the Gippsland Lakes before commercial fishing was shutdown. …

  10. Gita Yoga: Interview with Dr Fay Woodhouse

    In October 2020, SHAPS Fellow Fay Woodhouse released her new book, Gita: Melbourne’s First Yoga School – 65 Years of History, exploring the different phases of …

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