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  1. Artem Bourov

    Artem Bourov (MA in Philosophy, 2024), ‘Be a Body: From Experiential Self-Awareness to a Truly Bodily Self’ Dan Zahavi has defended a systematic and influential account of our most basic form of experiential self-consciousness, pre-reflective self-awareness (PRSA). For Zahavi, PRSA explicates the subtle way in which we are always immediately aware of the experiences we […]

  2. Eliza O’Donnell

    Eliza O’Donnell (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2024), The Painting is Broken: Understanding Issues of Authenticity and Art Attribution in Contemporary Indonesia The circulation of counterfeit paintings in the Indonesian art centres is a sensitive issue that threatens the cultural record and intellectual property of artists and their legacy. Since the beginning of Indonesia’s first […]

  3. Laura Jocic

    Laura Jocic (PhD in History, 2024) Dress in Australia: The Materiality of a Colonial Society in the Making The study of surviving items of dress offers a vital material source for historians that is commonly ignored. Dress sits at the intersections between necessity and self-representation, the assertion of social standing and cultural, economic and technological aspects […]

  4. Elizabeth Muldoon

    Elizabeth Muldoon (PhD in History, 2024) 'Learning History with the Founding Foremothers of the Redfern Black Movement'

  5. Pascale Bastien

    Pascale Bastien (PhD in Philosophy, 2023), Economic Growth, Liberalism, and the Good: A Contemporary Eudaimonistic Evaluation The majority of states worldwide pursue economic growth as a policy objective, and this tends to be justified in liberal and welfarist terms. However, the legitimacy of this pursuit is rarely debated and appears to be largely taken for […]

  6. Melanie Brand

    Melanie Brand [submitted as Melanie Davis] (PhD in History, 2023) ‘A Question of Trust: Secrecy and Intelligence Accountability in Cold War Australia’ Intelligence oversight and transparency have traditionally been conceptualised as a zero-sum equation in which decreases in secrecy were believed to come at the cost of intelligence agency efficacy. This thesis challenges that view. While […]

  7. Martin Carnovale

    Martin Carnovale (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2023), The Language of Archaeological Investigations The thesis explores whether methods based upon analogical reasoning can be used to interpret culture if there are difficulties of translating other culture’s beliefs. The kind of cultural interpretation that I will discuss is that which pertains to social, artistic and religious […]

  8. Cancy Chu

    Cancy Chu (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2023) ‘Preserving Plastics in Paper-Based Collections’ Plastics, referring to semi- or fully synthetic mouldable polymeric materials, are now found in a wide range of cultural heritage materials. Ongoing research focused on plastics in museum collections show that the chemical stability of certain plastics are short-lived. These unstable plastics […]

  9. Robyn Cooper

    Robyn Cooper, (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2023) ‘Romans, Religion, and Residences: Investigating the Relationship of Domestic Spaces and Roman Homes throughout Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Iberian Peninsula’ Using domestic cult spaces as a source material, this project explores how the nature of space within Roman residences interacted with and influenced on the expression of religious […]

  10. Gordon Dadswell

    Gordon Dadswell (PhD in History & Philosophy of Science, 2023), ‘Working Wood: The State, Wood Science and Industry, Australia, 1918–1949′ This study identified the role of three national forest products laboratories and their relationship with other government agencies and specifically, to the Australian timber industry. The laboratories were established with several objectives, including to reduce […]

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