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  1. Nat Cutter

    Nat Cutter (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Barbarian Civility: British Expatriates and the Transformation of the Maghreb in English Thought, 1660–1714′ This thesis explores the role of British expatriates living in Ottoman Algeria, Tunisia, and Tripolitania, in a transformation of British-Maghrebi diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations in the later Stuart era. This period, 1660–1714, represented a […]

  2. Anton Donohoe-Marques

    Anton Donohoe-Marques (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Revisiting Anzac in the Wake of World War Two: Memory and Identity in the Post-War Period, 1945–1960’ This thesis explores how war remembrance – in the form of commemorative observance and the building of memorials – developed in Australia in the period that followed World War Two, from 1945 […]

  3. Nathan Gardner

    Nathan Gardner (PhD in History, 2022), ‘Imagining the “Chinese Australian Community”: A History of Community Organisations, 1970–2020’ This study examines the concept of a unitary ‘Chinese Australian community’ through a comparative analysis of Chinese Australian community organisations and their responses to six major events or moments in recent history (1970–2020). These events and moments are: […]

  4. Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes (PhD in History, 2022) ‘Growing Songs: Australian Sound Media for Children from Parlour Music to Podcasts’ This thesis provides the first cultural history of sound media produced for Australian children. It opens by exploring post-Federation parlour sheet music and the burgeoning mechanised media of radio and phonographs, with a concentration on the rising […]

  5. Sophie Lewincamp

    Sophie Lewincamp (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2022) ‘Tiered Contact Zones: A New Engagement Model for Cultural Materials Conservation’ Over recent decades, there has been increasing recognition of the need for conservators to engage and collaborate with the communities associated with the origin, ownership, and use of cultural objects. Such collaboration has developed more detailed […]

  6. David Liknaitzky

    David Liknaitzky (PhD in Philosophy, 2022) ‘In Search of Just, Humanised Work: Overcoming Workplace Oppression and Rethinking Leadership to Create the Conditions for Human Flourishing at Work’ Organisations have evolved historically such that, in some instances, it has become the norm to treat employees in ways that would otherwise not be tolerated (or, at least, […]

  7. Athanasios Matanis

    Athanasios Matanis (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2022) ‘Beyond an Antagonistic Approach: the Role of Universalism in the Formation of Koine Culture’ Classical scholarship has tended to emphasise dichotomies and polarity when addressing the topic of Greek/non-Greek relations in antiquity. This anachronistic paradigm however is insufficient for understanding the multidimensional nature of Greek/non-Greek interactions and […]

  8. Dang Nguyen (Nguyễn Hồng Hải Đăng)

    Dang Nguyen (Nguyễn Hồng Hải Đăng in her native Vietnamese) (PhD, History & Philosophy of Science), ‘Tracing Non-Biomedical Therapeutic Knowledge: Social-Network Lives in Action’ This thesis investigates the performance of non-biomedical therapeutic knowledge as situated knowledge on the internet. Non-biomedical therapeutic knowledge is defined as medical knowledge that exists in separation, but not isolation from, […]

  9. Giovanni Piccolo

    Giovanni Piccolo (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2022), ‘The Collectanea Rerum Memorabilium by Gaius Julius Solinus: A Roman Geography for a Changing World’ The Collectanea Rerum Memorabilium is a collection of wondrous facts from various areas of natural science presented within the geographical framework of a description of the known world. Little is known of […]

  10. Freg J Stokes

    Freg James Stokes (PhD in History, 2022). ‘The Hummingbird’s Atlas: Mapping Guaraní Resistance in the Atlantic Rainforest during the Emergence of Capitalism (1500–1768)’.   This thesis maps the resistance of Guaraní peoples to colonisation in the Atlantic Rainforest of South America during the emergence of capitalism, from 1500 to 1768. As such, it addresses a […]

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