Category: Recent Graduate Spotlight

  1. Artem Bourov

    Artem Bourov (MA in Philosophy, 2024), ‘Be a Body: From Experiential Self-Awareness to a Truly Bodily Self’ Dan Zahavi has defended a systematic and influential account of our most basic form of experiential self-consciousness, pre-reflective self-awareness (PRSA). For Zahavi, PRSA explicates the subtle way in which we are always immediately aware of the experiences we […]

  2. Eliza O’Donnell

    Eliza O’Donnell (PhD in Cultural Materials Conservation, 2024), The Painting is Broken: Understanding Issues of Authenticity and Art Attribution in Contemporary Indonesia The circulation of counterfeit paintings in the Indonesian art centres is a sensitive issue that threatens the cultural record and intellectual property of artists and their legacy. Since the beginning of Indonesia’s first […]

  3. Laura Jocic

    Laura Jocic (PhD in History, 2024) Dress in Australia: The Materiality of a Colonial Society in the Making The study of surviving items of dress offers a vital material source for historians that is commonly ignored. Dress sits at the intersections between necessity and self-representation, the assertion of social standing and cultural, economic and technological aspects […]

  4. Madaline Harris-Schober

    Madaline Harris-Schober (PhD in Classics & Archaeology, 2023) ‘Ritual Architecture, Material Culture and Practice of the Philistines’ This thesis focuses on the recognition of cult and ritual in the Late Bronze Age [LBA] to Iron Age (1175–586 BCE) Levant. It is concerned with the identification and elucidation of ritual architecture, material culture and practices based […]