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  1. Alternative Social Media Platforms: An Ethnographic Study of the Scuttlebutt Community

    Can Open-Source Software (OSS) platforms offer ethical alternatives to Facebook and Twitter? How do technologies and social values interact with one another? And what might we …

  2. Philosophy at the Large Hadron Collider: An Interview with Sophie Ritson

    Sophie Ritson completed her honours degree at the University of Melbourne in 2011, majoring in the History and Philosophy of Science. After finishing her PhD at …

  3. Tracing the Evolution of Cancer Cytogenetics: An Interview with PhD candidate Lynda Campbell

    After retiring from a distinguished scientific career, Lynda Campbell developed an interest in the history of her field.

  4. Researching History on the High Seas

    Last year, History of Science lecturer Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt sailed across the South Atlantic on a tall ship. During the six-week voyage, he explored the use …

  5. Real Problem, Wrong Solution: Why The Nationals Shouldn’t Politicise the Science Replication Crisis

    Last week, politicians and farming lobbyists weighed in on the replication crisis in science and a number of academics, including several from SHAPS, responded in the …

  6. repliCATS: Responding to the Replication Crisis in Science

    An interdisciplinary team of researchers across the School of Biosciences and SHAPS are working together to address one of the most pressing controversies of modern science …

  7. Tracking Traditional Medicine on the Vietnamese Internet: Dang Nguyen to Visit Yale

    PhD candidate Dang Nguyen has been awarded a prestigious Fox International Fellowship, which will see her spend the 2019-2020 academic year at Yale University Graduate School. She spoke with Nicole Davis about her work.

  8. Fascinating Strangers: Dr Tessa Leach’s Work on Sex Robots

    Advances in robotics raise all kinds of questions about how humans will relate to this new technology… In her recent PhD, Dr Tessa Leach explored an especially controversial aspect of this topic: the human-like sex robots that may soon be among us.

  9. Disposal of the Dead: The Intersection of Death & Technology

    Fallon Mody recently caught up with an interdisciplinary group of Melbourne-based researchers – including our own Associate Professor Mike Arnold – who think about death for a living.

  10. Nicholas Barthel De Weydenthal

    ‘Risk and Organisation in Emergency and Environmental Management: A Philosophical and Ethnographic Investigation’ (PhD in History & Philosophy of Science, 2019). This thesis presents a novel …

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