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  1. Has Russia Contained the Prigozhin Threat?

    Its long history of managing violent mercenaries suggests so, as Professor Mark Edele explores in this article, republished from The Conversation. A month on since pundits declared the imminent start of a new Russian civil war, we’re still waiting. Moreover, we still know very little about what went on when Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin launched […]

  2. ‘Wokeness’ and White Conservatives in America

    Conservatives in the United States have launched an offensive against so-called wokeness as they head towards the 2024 Presidential Election. In this article, first published in the Conversation as, ‘Why ‘Wokeness’ has Become the Latest Battlefront for White Conservatives in America’, SHAPS Honorary Liam Byrne, together with Emma Shortis (SHAPS Graduate, RMIT) write about this […]

  3. Guaraní Labour and British Capitalism

    Dr Freg Stokes recently completed his PhD in History, focusing on the history of Indigenous resistance to colonisation in the Atlantic rainforest of South America from the early sixteenth century. In this video, originally produced for the Ka’a Body Exhibition at Paradise Row Gallery in London, he presents his findings on the role played by […]

  4. Introducing Dr Andonis Piperoglou

    In 2022 Dr Andonis Piperoglou was appointed the inaugural Hellenic Senior Lecturer in Global Diasporas. In this role Dr Piperoglou is teaching on topics related to migration, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism, as well as the global dynamics of Hellenic culture and diaspora. Andonis frequently engages with the wider public on the relevance of Hellenism’s pasts and […]

  5. Reading the Nineteenth-Century Diaries of Girls Migrating to Australia

    In the nineteenth century, a large number of girls and young women (aged from under 15 to their early 20s) made the long journey to Australia from various locations around the globe published. Hansen PhD Scholarship holder, Cat Gay (History), explored the emotional histories of some of these journeys in this recently published article from […]

  6. Tribute to Mark Raphael Baker

    The School community was saddened by the death in early May of distinguished historian Mark Raphael Baker, inaugural Lecturer in Jewish Studies in 1988 and former Director of the Jewish Studies Program. We re-publish here a tribute by his father-in-law, Raimond Gaita (Honorary Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Law School and Arts), originally published in The Conversation. […]

  7. Is NATO to Blame for the Russo-Ukrainian War?

    Mark Edele, SHAPS Hansen Professor in History and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts, explores this question in his review of Serhii Plokhy’s new book, The Russo-Ukrainian War (Allen Lane), republished here from The Conversation. A year after Russia’s all-out attack against its neighbour on 24 February 2022, volumes trying to explain the conflict to the […]

  8. Nicole Davis

    Nicole Davis (PhD in History, 2023) ‘Nineteenth-century Arcades in Australia: History, Heritage & Representation’ This thesis explores the social and spatial histories of Australia’s nineteenth-century arcades from their beginning in Melbourne in 1853, with an emphasis on their first half century of development. It explores the retail, leisure and business activities they hosted and the lived experiences […]

  9. First Nations People Have Made a Plea for ‘Truth-Telling’

    By reckoning with its past, Australia can finally help improve our future. In this article from The Conversation, SHAPS Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow, Indigenous and Settler Relations Collaboration, Julia Hurst, together with Sarah Maddison from School of Social and Political Sciences discusses the perspective of truth-telling in the third article in a series discussing these topics. […]

  10. The D-Notice System and the Question of Trust

    A series of Australian Federal Police (AFP) raids on Australian journalists in 2019 stimulated numerous reviews into press freedom and the impact of Australia’s secrecy laws on public interest journalism. One of the proposals that was subsequently put forward by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security in 2020 with a view to ensuring […]

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