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  1. The Life You Can Save

    Celebrating the tenth anniversary of his influential book The Life You Can Save, Professor Peter Singer discusses why we need to do more to improve the …

  2. Philosophy on the Small Screen

    Dan Halliday

    In 2019, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy Dan Halliday teamed up with Snodger Media and the ABC to make a documentary series on practical ethics. The result …

  3. Constructing Social Hierarchy: Conference Recap

    How do hate speech, slurs, and other speech acts contribute to and perpetuate oppression? What does it mean to be a ‘woman’ in today’s society? How …

  4. Meet the new Head of School, Professor Margaret Cameron

    The Theory of Intellectual Virtues, from "Ethics, Politics and Economics" by Aristotle. 15th century. Author unknown.

    In the midst of her relocation from Canada to commence her appointment as the new Head of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (SHAPS), Professor …

  5. Meet Dr Holly Lawford-Smith: Prize-winning Author, SHAPS Philosopher, and Seamstress Extraordinaire!

    On the back of her new book, Not in Their Name: Are Citizens Culpable for Their States’ Actions?, SHAPS Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy, Dr Holly …

  6. On Language and Listening to One Another: Dr Ross Barham on the Value of Philosophy

    In 2018 Ross Barham completed his Philosophy PhD, investigating the relationship between human language and the way we understand the concept of objectivity. He chatted to Carley Tonoli about how it feels to be on the other side of the finish line.

  7. Meet Brigid Evans, recent SHAPS Master of Arts, Philosophy graduate

    Brigid Evans

    In 2018 Brigid Evans completed her Masters by research in the areas of political philosophy and philosophy of education. On a recent trip home from her new base in the UK, she chatted to Carley Tonoli about reflections on her research.

  8. The 2018 Australian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference

    Eight SHAPS graduate philosophers recently headed out to Monash to present their work at a major event for Australian philosophy postgraduates, the annual Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference (APPC).

  9. Philosophy Thursday Seminar

    The Philosophy Thursday Seminar Series features presentations by SHAPS Philosophy staff and collaborators in Melbourne, and from across Australia and the world. The range of issues …

  10. Melbourne Logic Seminar

    The Melbourne Logic Seminar meets on Zoom on scheduled days from 11am to 1pm as of March 2020. It’s an active research seminar in logic and …

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