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  1. Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Society

    The Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Society is a social and academic hub for postgraduate students studying everything from Near Eastern prehistoric archaeology to the army of the late Roman Empire. Postgraduate research is inherently solitary, so the Society attempts to break the idea that a postgraduate must be a lone student in a library carrel […]

  2. Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society

    Melbourne University Classics & Archaeology Students Society (MUCLASS) is a club for anyone interested in ancient history, mythology, archaeology or the Classics. We run a broad range of social and academic events, including trivia nights, museum visits, board game sessions, and film screenings. Our committee structure is based on the ancient Roman cursus honorum, or […]

  3. Student Conservators at Melbourne

    Student Conservators at Melbourne (SC@M) is the student group for the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation program at the Grimwade Centre, University of Melbourne. Our members are national and international student conservators and alumni from a variety of backgrounds including the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. We act as a liaison between students and the academic […]

  4. Konservaction

    Konservaction is an Indonesian/Australian alliance focusing on the conservation of Indonesian heritage. Established in 2017 by students from the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation program at The University of Melbourne, the initiative provides an international platform for skills development in project management, workshop delivery, and cross-cultural teaching. Our first project – launched in response to […]

  5. History Postgraduate Association

    Led by a committee elected annually in June by the History postgraduate cohort, the History Postgraduate Association (HPA) is committed to improving the experience of History students. We build solidarity and cohesion through events and activities, represent the voice of History postgraduate students, and provide avenues of communication between History students and our colleagues in SHAPS, the Faculty of Arts, and the Graduate Student Association. Every semester the HPA convenes a seminar […]

  6. UniMelb History Society

    Since its establishment in 2017, the History Society has been tirelessly dedicated to upholding its central mission of promoting the study of history at the University of Melbourne, and creating an inclusive and welcoming community for students who have an interest in history. To this end, we run a number of educational and social events. […]

  7. Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN)

    The Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) aims to support mutual understanding and cultivate support networks between postgraduate students in Australia in Indonesia, bringing together and encouraging collaboration between postgraduate students from the University of Melbourne, Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Gadjah Mada. We plan to have our first series of Peer Support Group discussions within the next couple […]

  8. Philosophy Postgraduate Group

    The Philosophy Postgraduate Group (PPG) is a student society dedicated to the promotion of philosophy at the postgraduate level at the University of Melbourne. The main function of the PPG is to administer the Tuesday afternoon colloquium series – a forum where students can get feedback on their work, enhance their professional development and contribute […]

  9. Melbourne University Philosophy Society

    The Melbourne University Philosophy Society (MUPS) is a student society focused on promoting and building the philosophy community at the University. We run weekly events that are open to all year levels with the aim of providing a safe and encouraging environment for people to discuss and debate the great philosophical questions. We are always […]

  10. Minorities & Philosophy Melbourne Uni

    MAP Melb Uni is a chapter of the international organisation Minorities and Philosophy, which aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. MAP’s role is to foster a sense of community and solidarity between students and staff who come from minority backgrounds. To do so, we host events such as reading groups, […]

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