Category: Reading & Writing Groups

  1. German & Aegean Postgraduate Reading Groups

    Historical research is published across the globe in a number of languages other than English, and one must be able to read these works. Postgraduate students take different approaches to these languages, often taking classes offered by the University or seeking outside private instruction. But some likeminded students decided that coming together to read works […]

  2. Byzantine Reading Group

    An informal group that meets on Wednesdays at 5:15pm in a friendly and supportive environment to read medieval (Byzantine) Greek texts. Anyone with any knowledge of Greek is welcome. Currently we are working on producing the first ever translation of the late eleventh-century Greek Chronicle of Kedrenos which ‘covers’ (perhaps the wrong word) the period […]

  3. Emporium

    Emporium is a research hub based at the University of Melbourne, dedicated to the long and rich histories of consumption, production, and consumer practices across time and space. It is premised on the understanding that all economic activity is culturally embedded. The hub is focused around four core research areas: Luxury, Advertising, Food, and Textiles. All […]

  4. Emporium Roman Studies Research Network

    Emporium is a research network by and for postgraduates in the field of Roman studies, led by Ash Finn and Giovanni Piccolo at University of Melbourne. Our primary aim is to create a safe and friendly space to bring together postgraduates around Australasia who want to share their research with one another in a way […]

  5. Melbourne History Workshop

    Melbourne History Workshop is a studio-based research collaboratory in the History Program at the University of Melbourne under the direction of Professor Andrew May. It taps the pooled expertise of staff, research higher degree students and affiliates in order to provide innovative and rigorously-applied historical research, postgraduate training, industry collaboration and community-facing projects. The Workshop’s […]

  6. Russian for Historians

    This summer (2020–2021), we are offering a special series of free workshops for students who have studied some Russian and would like to improve their skills in reading and interpreting Russian texts. The workshops are tailored for those with an interest in going on to pursue research on Russian history, at the undergraduate or postgraduate […]

  7. Song Studies Network

    Hansen Senior Lecturer in History Dr Una McIlvenna is one of the founding members of a new international research network in the field of song studies. The network brings together researchers and performers working on song in a range of areas and time periods. The network launched ‘digitally’ on Twitter, Thursday 10 June, with a […]