Category: SHAPS Engagement Team

  1. Nicole Davis: Forum Content Manager

    Nicole Davis received her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2023. Her thesis examined the social history of the shopping arcade in nineteenth-century Australia from a transnational perspective. She is a member of the Melbourne History Workshop based at the university, and a Research Fellow in history and sociology of education and qualitative data […]

  2. Carmelina Contarino

    Carmelina Contarino is an Honours student in the History & Philosophy of Science program. Her thesis explores scientific methodology through understanding researcher’s perceptions of exploratory research. Carmelina is interested in how perception of exploratory modes forms part of the research cycle, its impact on epistemic iteration and the self-correcting nature of science. Carmelina is also […]

  3. Madeline Davies

    Madeline (she/her) is communications professional and emerging conservator currently completing the Master of Cultural Materials Conservation at the Grimwade Centre. In 2019 she completed a BA at Monash University with a double major in Media and Communications, and Film and Screen Studies, and in 2021 completed the Executive Master of Arts at the University of […]

  4. Rachelle Madden

    Rachelle Madden is an undergraduate student studying History and Philosophy of Science. With 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Rachelle recently returned to university to pursue her love of all things science through the HPS Program.

  5. Leo Palmer

    Leo Palmer is graduate researcher in the field of Classics. His current thesis examines fifth-century Athenian democracy in its social, political and religious context, and makes the case for a complex, gradual evolution of Greek democracy, rather than viewing it as a product of revolution. Leo’s Honours thesis investigated the social functions and origins of […]

  6. Gen Schiesser

    Gen is an emerging conservator studying at the Grimwade Centre. She has an interest in the application of conservation to archaeology and studies of provenance and is currently writing her thesis on the investigation of metrology within the University of Melbourne’s Middle Eastern Manuscript Collection. By understanding how and with what units of measurements these […]

  7. Noah Wellington

    Noah Wellington is a PhD candidate in Classics & Archaeology. His current research focuses on a tradition of women’s subversive discourse in ancient Greek literature from the Archaic through Hellenistic periods. Noah’s Honours thesis explored liminal gender identities in Athenian male youth and their repercussion on Athenian literature and politics and was a winner of […]