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  1. Jonathan Tehusijarana

    Jonathan is a PhD student in History, researching the role of militarised student organisations in the development of post-independence Indonesia. He is interested in histories of student activism and the role of youth in national development, within both militarised and non-militarised settings. Jonathan is also a current member of the Melbourne Historical Journal collective.

  2. Larissa Tittl

    Larissa Tittl is a PhD candidate in the Classics and Archaeology Program. Her research focuses on human-landscape interactions in Late Bronze Age Crete. In particular, she is examining how votive objects deposited in caves were used as agents of manipulation and negotiation within an animistic world in which human and non-human entities engaged with and […]

  3. Carley Tonoli

    Carley Tonoli is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, based in the Philosophy Program. Her research focuses on the ethics of emerging technologies, and her current work looking at emerging military technologies, their ethical implications, and potential consequences for humanity and the future of war. Carley’s research is informed by her previous […]

  4. Sam Watts

    Sam Watts is a PhD Candidate in History, researching Black American daily life in the post-Emancipation Deep South. His research details the experiences and achievements of formerly enslaved and free Black Americans during Reconstruction and examines the connections between freedom, mobility, citizenship and urban space. Sam writes occasionally for the Australian Book Review and co-founded […]

  5. Jiyuan (Luke) Yin

    Jiyuan (Luke) Yin is a PhD candidate in History. His doctoral research concentrates on the urban history of treaty ports and everyday life in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century China, specifically in relation to social and cultural interactions between foreigners and Chinese. Luke is interested in historical topics around gender and sex, global immigration and […]

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