Month: March 2022

  1. Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran

    David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran is a doctoral student at the Université de Paris and the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on the documentation and grammatical analysis of Amazonian and Australian languages from both typological and formal approaches. Juerong interviewed David Felipe about his doctoral research, his PhD journey in Paris and his fieldwork plan in Australia.

  2. PhD FAQs: 9 questions from first-year doctoral students

    Commencing a PhD is no joke. You may be overwhelmed by the coursework subjects and numerous workshops in these three weeks. We spoke to several first-year doctoral students to brainstorm some questions they had and invited some 4th-year PhD candidates and Amy from our amazing Arts GR team to answer those questions.

  3. The Language of Pick-Up Artists – GSLS

    Do you know what an IOI is? What about a 2Set? Pick-up artistry has a language all its own, as the members of GSLS discovered.

  4. The definitive end of the two-party system in France

    The Right/Left divide is diminishing in France today.

  5. Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with Leila Zohali

    An interview with Leila Zohali about her research project and PhD journey.