Month: April 2022

  1. Results for the first round of the French presidential elections

    It’s Macron VS Le Pen again

  2. Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with Louise Cain

    Louise Cain talks about her doctoral project on the cinematic oeuvre of Céline Sciamma, queerness in mainstream cinema, and the joys of learning another language.

  3. Valérie Pécresse and Les Républicains

    The Republican party in France has experienced significant electoral decline.

  4. Attending an international academic conference in-person: meet, share and connect

    SOLL student, Niles Zhao, shares his recent experience of attending an applied linguistics conference in Pittsburgh.

  5. ‘Brazil at a Crossroads’ workshop

    This event brought together 10 academics from across Australia to discuss Brazilian politics, society and culture.