Month: May 2022

  1. Conversation Analysis Melbourne Group

    Intrigued by Conversation Analysis (CA)? Just started your thesis in this methodology? Want to know more about doing CA? Come along to the CA Melbourne Group!

  2. What support can students get in the data-collecting process?

    Find out what resources and support graduate students can get in the data-collecting process.

  3. Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Melbourne showcase presentation

    Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language held a session, showcasing its eight recent projects at SOLL.

  4. Learning about the Spanish Civil War through object-based learning

    Associate Professor Lara Anderson shares the experience of adopting object-based learning approach in the subject of Hispanic Cultural Studies I.

  5. Another five years of Macron

    Even though they lost, the Far Right received the most votes in French history