Month: September 2022

  1. Teen language: yay or nay?

    The use of teen language has always been a bone of contention among different groups of people. Should teen language be celebrated or scoffed at?

  2. SOLL staff achievements: an interview with Andi Dorrer

    Andi was recently awarded a prestigious publication subsidy by the Australian Academy of the Humanities for a co-edited volume on remembering WWI in Australia and Germany.

  3. SOLL Staff Series: an interview with Katie Possingham

    Katie talks about her work at SOLL and the amazing happenings in her life.

  4. Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with Michael Sadeghi

    Michael, a first-year PhD student, talks about his doctoral research and his publication experience.

  5. SOLL’s cinéclub – join the French film screenings this semester 

    This semester, students, staff and community members have the opportunity to get together and watch select French films, in a series of screenings hosted by SOLL’s French Film Club.