Month: March 2023

  1. Alumni Series: an Interview with Mansoor Almalki

    Jarrad speaks to Mansoor, an alumnus of SOLL, who has gone on to make waves in the realms of language assessment in his home country, Saudi Arabia.

  2. Who do I sound like today? The relationship between language and identity

    Why do people use different languages or even different varieties of the language in different contexts? Felicia delves into the relationship between language use and identity construction or enactment.

  3. Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with Catherine Roberts

    Felicia speaks to Catherine Roberts whose explored the notion of "gossip" in her doctoral thesis.

  4. Preparing for your Master of Applied Linguistics (MAppLing): what you need to know regarding subject and specialisation choice 

    Rena dishes out tips to prospective students taking the Master of Applied Linguistics degree at the University of Melbourne with regard to subject and specialisation choice.

  5. Faculty of Arts Digital Studio Graduate Internship Program: an interview with Canaan Lan

    Canaan talks about her experience being part of the Faculty of Arts Digital Studio Graduate Internship program.