Month: April 2023

  1. SOLL Staff Series: an Interview with Dr Trang Nguyen

    Felicia interviewed Trang about her research interests and projects, her success in the application of the DECRA, and her advice for aspiring researchers.

  2. Beyond and After: SOLL Researchers’ Presentations at AAAL 2023 in Portland 

    Rena speaks to three SOLL researchers who presented at the American Associate of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) conference 2023 in Portland.

  3. Alumni Series: an Interview with Sayli Dabholkar

    Jarrad speaks to Sayli about her experiences after she has graduated with a Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

  4. Graduate Researcher Series: an Interview with Pip Mackey

    Pip's research examines how personal care assistants from non-English speaking background and older people in the Australian aged care setting communicate with each other and build a rapport. Valeria spoke to Pip about her doctoral research and her past and future projects.