Month: June 2023

  1. Undergraduate Student Series: an Interview with David Chang

    David Chang, a returning undergraduate student at SOLL, shares his motivations of majoring in languages and linguistics on top of his professional commitment as a dentist, and his passion in acquiring multiple languages.

  2. SOLL Event: Academic English 1 Movie Night

    On the 18th of May, students from ESLA10003 Academic English 1 attended a movie night and watched the iconic Australian movie Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002). Valeria had the pleasure to attend this event and listen to the insightful discussion that followed the screening.

  3. Graduate Researcher Series: an Interview with Xiaoxiao Kong

    Xiaoxiao shares her doctoral research and his PhD journey with us.

  4. The power of collaboration: An interview with Emad A. Alghamdi, Assistant professor of computational linguistics at King Abdulaziz University

    Rena speaks to Emad A. Alghamdi about his PhD thesis and his experience collaborating with researchers from different fields.

  5. A Non-Stop Journey: Interview with Haiyu Zhang, a graduate from Master of Applied Linguistics

    What does life look like for a Master of Applied Linguistics graduate? Rena sits down with Haiyu Zhang who shares her experience.