Month: March 2024

  1. SoLL Event: SoLL Postgraduate Club Kick-off Picnic

    Hangyu Zhang The SoLL Postgraduate Club organised a kick-off picnic event on 19th February 2024 at the 1888 courtyard on campus. The picnic event was an informal gathering allowing GR (graduate research) students at the School of Languages and Linguistics to catch up with each other and kick off the academic year. As one of […]

  2. Language, Politics and History: Complexity in Language in Wartime Ukraine

    24 February this year marked the two-year anniversary of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The war has raised complex questions relating to the role of language in the war, language issues and language choice among Ukrainians in post independent Ukraine. It is impossible to divorce the notion of language with history and politics in the discourse at the same time.