Category: Staff Series

  1. “I believe my improvement happened step by step, because…”: Embarking on Chenyang’s teaching adventures

    Chenyang Zhang Hello, dear readers! Welcome to my story zone. I’m Chenyang Zhang, a third-year PhD candidate in the School of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. As you might recall, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my colleague, Hangyu, and sharing my research project last year through SOLL Talk. Today, in […]

  2. Dhudhuroa Language Day: Students Come Together to Celebrate Dhudhuroa Language

    Written by:  Dr Bill Forshaw | Academic Specialist – Indigenous Education On March 21 2024 Beechworth Montessori school hosted students learning Dhudhuroa language from five schools: Harrietville PS, Dederang PS, Wooragee PS, Beechworth Montessori and Bright P-12 College. Over 200 students participated on the day, ranging in age from Prep through to Year 12. Dhudhuroa is an […]

  3. Staff Series: An Interview with Dr Riccardo Amorati

    Dr Riccardo Amorati is a Senior Tutor in Italian Studies at the School of Languages and Linguistics. His research interests include second language learning motivation, psychological factors influencing language learning and inclusive language. Valeria spoke with Riccardo about his PhD and teaching experience, his research interests and his advice for graduate researchers.

  4. Staff Series: an Interview with Melissa Bruorton

    Melissa Bruorton is the School Manager at the School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne. She takes care of all matters pertaining to strategic planning, human resources (HR), and finance at SoLL. Felicia interviewed Melissa about her role as Manager at the school, her prior work experiences, as well as her very colourful personal life.

  5. In the Heart of Loire Valley: an Interview with the Coordinators for an Immersive Overseas French Studies Subject

    Rena Gao Prof Véronique Duché and Dr Nicholas Strole of the French Studies Program guided students through a three-week intensive trip to the Loire Valley for an immersive experience, focusing particularly on the French Renaissance. Rena speaks to Véronique and Nick about the subject, In the Heart of the Loire Valley, and the students’ experiences during […]

  6. Staff Series: an Interview with Lourdes Sanchez Guerrero

    Felicia interviewed Lourdes Sanchez Guerrero about her role as Executive Support Officer at the school, her prior work experiences, as well as her very vibrant personal life.

  7. Staff Series: An interview with Dr Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy is a teaching specialist in French studies at the School of Languages and Linguistics. He has recently finished his PhD on the French writer Victor Hugo and is only waiting for the official graduation ceremony. Valeria spoke with Patrick about his PhD and teaching experience, how he balances his two roles and his future projects.