Introducing @aiello_stephen #MESH360 researcher

Paramedicine offers unlimited opportunities due to it being a relatively new research environment. Since starting his research career at Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) in 2014, Stephen has been working toward the development of design-based research projects that aim to provide more authentic critical care educational experiences and learner-centered pedagogies within the emergent profession of Paramedicine education.

Stephen’s aim is to explore the critical care aspects of emergency medicine in relation to paramedic pre-hospital management within an immersive simulation (XR) environment. Stephen is part of the investigation team reviewing the use of virtual reality for Paramedic scene orientation and situational awareness. His research investigates virtual environments and Paramedical experiential data in order to guide decision-making via qualitative research methods and biometric quantitative feedback. This work has expanded to include all health school departments and will form a catalyst for future work.

To date, the investigation into 360-degree immersive environments and biometric feedback has led to both national and international collaborations. This extensive work is ground-breaking and has been awarded several accolades for innovation and teaching excellence.



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