Introducing Alexis Pang

Alexis Pang is a Teaching Specialist at the School of Agriculture and Food, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences. He is interested in the innovative use of technology, particularly mobile learning to enhance the learning and teaching of earth sciences such as geomorphology, soil science and hydrology. At the Faculty, Alexis led the development of Fieldfriend, a mobile learning app for smartphones to support field-based learning. Alexis was previously an Educational Technology Officer (R&D) at the Ministry of Education, Singapore, where he led projects such as Mixed Reality for Primary Science learning; Large-scale semi-formal learning with mobile technology (Learn@ programme at the Singapore Science Centre). He was the main project officer for the FutureSchools@Singapore programme for large-scale innovative ICT curricular and pedagogical integration in multiple schools. Alexis was also research collaborator on the Learning Sciences Lab (NIE, Singapore) led National Research Foundation (NRF) funded educational research project “Voyage to the Age of Dinosaurs” 3DVLE.

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