Digital Campus Forum Keynote: Preparing For The Future – Rethinking The Education Delivery Model

Associate Professor Thomas Cochrane from MCSHE was recently one of the keynote speakers for the 4th annual Digital Campus: Remote Teaching, Online Blended Learning & Education Continuity Planning Forum, 29-31 March 2021 organised by Clariden Global

The presentation was titled:

Preparing For The Future: Rethinking The Education Delivery Model

  • How technology is changing the role of the teacher and students’ learning environment
  • How pedagogy will change due to online content delivery and learning
  • How are the experiences and lessons from lockdown will help in the formulation of future education delivery model

Presentation notes are online at 

The presentation featured 2 examples of rethinking education delivery:

  1. The Authentic Mobile Learning Triangle for learning design
  2. The Bionic Limb – collaborative curriculum design in Biomedical Engineering

The Authentic Mobile Learning Triangle


The Bionic Limb Activities

The Bionic Limb Project Team.