Welcome to the MCSHE Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL) research network.

The SoTEL research network will :

  • Showcase research informed TEL teaching practice
  • Support SoTEL transdisciplinary curriculum design teams and funding proposal development
  • Provide avenues for collaborative scholarly publication of TEL teaching practice in journals, such as:
    • PJTEL (Pacific Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning)
    • RLT (Research in Learning Technology)
    • AJET (Australasian Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning)
  • Mentor professional membership via ASCILITE (Australasian Society for Computers In Learning in Tertiary Education) and accreditation via CMALT (Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology)
  • Facilitate an international forum for SoTEL

The Melbourne CSHE SoTEL research network seeks to bring together specific expertise across all of the University Departments in: mobile learning, immersive reality, wearable technologies, enhanced simulation, design-based research, designing authentic learning, ePortfolios, and self-regulated learning.

If you are part of an existing TEL research group that would like to become part of the SoTEL research network, or you would like to join one, or establish a new one – please contact us:

Associate Professor Thomas Cochrane
Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education


SoTEL Network Contributors