MSPGH/VCCC Special Seminar: 24th November 2014 – Breast Cancer Prevention – Missed opportunities and why we must act now

12.30-1.30pm, Monday 24th November 2014
Peter Doherty Institute Auditorium, Ground Level, 792 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Professor Graham Colditz, Deputy Director, Institute for Public Health; Chief of the Division of Public Health Sciences and Niess-Gain Professor of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, Siteman Cancer Centre, St Louis, USA

Breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis among women world-wide, accounting for 1 in 4 cancers diagnosed. The majority of cases are among women living in low and middle-income countries. I review reasons why we are not already acting to prevent breast cancer in the broader population. I will review drivers of breast cancer risk including growth and development before a woman has her first pregnancy. The role of vegetable protein and fibre in childhood and adolescence offers substantial potential for lifelong reduction in breast cancer risk. Alcohol intake before first pregnancy also increases risk of premalignant and invasive breast cancers. Higher physical activity in adolescence and young adult years also offers long-term protection. These data support a
greater focus of our prevention efforts earlier in life when risk accumulation is most rapid. Waiting till menopause is too late as by age 50, 23% of all cancers have already been diagnosed. Prevention messages and strategies will be reviewed.

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