CHP PhD Completion 7-Dec-15: Evaluating the health and social impacts of agreement-making for land use on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: Developing methodologies and identifying strategies

3:00-4:00pm, Monday 7 December 2015
Seminar Room 405A, Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Kieran Knight, PhD candidate, Centre for Health Policy

Over the past 25 years agreement-making between Australian Aboriginal traditional land owners and mining companies has come to prominence as the preferred method for resolving issues of native title, reducing inequalities, and improving the well being of
Indigenous communities in mining regions.

Although agreements are broadly aimed at improving the economic status, health, and
well being of Indigenous communities, there has been little formal evaluation of their ultimate impacts. This is primarily due to two factors: lack of quality data and a lack of appropriate methodological approaches.
In this context, the aim of this thesis was to develop and test qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches for investigating the relationship between mining, agreement-making, and Indigenous health and social outcomes. Datasets were developed from various sources and were used to investigate this relationship, and preliminary
findings from these analyses are presented. Developing methodologies that can be used for evaluating agreements across various measures and levels is crucial to identifying and replicating effective strategies and is of benefit to policy makers, mining companies, and
most importantly, Indigenous communities.

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