MSPGH Seminar: 17th Aug 2016 – Using digital technologies to enhance the effectiveness and impact of chronic disease self-management in Australia

12.30-1.30pm, Wed 17th August 2016
Seminar Room 515, Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Dr Adrienne O’Neil, Senior Research Fellow and NHMRC Early Career Fellow, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne

One in two Australian adults have a chronic physical and/or mental disorder. Coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression are amongst the most common and debilitating. Australia’s health system remains ill equipped to provide ongoing, 24/7 support to the number of people with chronic disease(s). Given the importance of citizens becoming more engaged with their own health and the advent of digital devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets), this presentation will discuss how to improve outcomes for those with chronic disease(s) using every day technologies.

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