CHE PhD Confirmation Seminar 20-Jun-17: Colonising epidemiology and the construction of Aboriginal health

12:00noon-1.00pm, Tue 20th June 2017
Level 4, Room 410, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Joanne Luke, PhD Candidate, Centre for Health Equity

As a discipline, epidemiology has provided an ongoing   focus on colonising research that has perpetuated and legitimised the individual perspectives and reasoning of the masculine, privileged, and white worldview. Despite Aboriginal people having identities that centre around our strong connections to our communities and environments, epidemiology has historically transformed these culturally-based identities into outsider constructions. This presentation will explore how epidemiology has been used to produce outsider constructions about Aboriginal people, including those that attempted to portray us as ‘savage’, ‘primitive’, ‘dying’, by our ‘parts’ and by our need to be ‘protected’.

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