CMH PhD Confirmation Seminar: 15th February 2018 – Development and Implementation of a Sanford Meisner Based Drama Intervention for ‘colonized Other’ Communities.

9am-10am, Thursday 15th February 2018
Seminar Room 410, Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Mikel Moss is a PhD student in Global and Cultural Mental Health, a recent Masters of Arts in Education in Clinical Psychology degree (minors in Global Mental Health and Trauma, Community Psychology, and Research Methods) from Columbia University, and a former Alternative Training Student in Drama Therapy and Counseling Psychology through the North American Drama Therapy Association.

The arts in their many forms have existed in myriad ways in every culture and community on this planet. The utilization of the arts (art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, music therapy) as an alternative to talk therapy for symptom relief has long been established as a credible set of modalities in which those who can access the arts therapies find relief from mental health issues. Much is written on what to consider when utilizing these modalities within ‘colonized Other’ communities, but research on the effectiveness of arts therapies approaches within these communities is scarce. In an age where ‘colonized Other’ communities are being increasingly maligned, marginalized and systematically oppressed, where are the arts therapies?

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