CHP Seminar: 24th April 2018 – How do community assets impact on health related quality of life and health care utilisation?

Tuesday 24th April 12noon-1pm
Seminar Room 410 – Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton
Presenter: Dr Luke Munford, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, University of Manchester.

One form of the social prescribing initiative involves policy makers promoting participation in community assets. The overall aim is to improve quality of life and reduce demand on healthcare services.These community assets are groups and places that can facilitate community cohesion, generate social capital and reduce loneliness. Quantitative evidence on the impact of these community assets is lacking. To fill this gap a unique longitudinal dataset of approximately 4,000 individuals aged 65 and over in Salford, Greater Manchester has been examined to assess the effects of asset participation on a range of health outcomes, including health-related quality of life scores, information on health care utilization, and their combination to generate a measure of net-benefit.

The benefits associated with community asset participation, and the social value of developing community assets, is potentially substantial.

Dr Luke Munford is a research fellow at the Manchester Centre for Health Economics, University of Manchester. Luke is currently an MRC Skills Development Fellowship holder. He is also affiliated with the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing. Luke’s research has included analysing the health effects of commuting, congestion charging, the provision of informal care, and home ownership decisions. He has also studied the effects of the Greater Manchester devolution of health and social care powers.

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