CHP PhD Completion: June 8th – Health economics and chronic disease, with a specific focus on diabetes

Friday June 8, 10am-11am
Seminar Room 410 – Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Presenter: Xinyang Hua

Supervisors: Prof. Philip Clarke, A/Prof Matthew Spittal, Dr Thomas Lung

Chronic disease brings heavy epidemiological and economic burden on both individual and national level. This research focuses on chronic disease, especially diabetes, from a health economics perspective. It covers six individual studies which can be divided into three main parts:
• cost analysis–which separately focuses on out-of-pocket expenditure for patients and price trend of prescription medications,
• risk prediction on long-term health outcomes–with a specific focus on regional/population differences on the predictions,
• the use of simulation modelling–with one systematic review on existing model-based economics evaluations for diabetes, and a self-built Asian diabetes model which incorporate quality of life as a novel predictor.

This research applies a wide range of health economics methods and endeavors to fill in some of the gaps in existing research and provide new evidence and practical tools for chronic disease.

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