CHP Seminar: 27th July 2018 – Canada’s path to Marijuana legalization: will its harm reduction objectives be reached?

4:00-5:00pm, Fri 27th July 2018
Theatre 2, Alan Gilbert Building,161 Barry Street, Carlton

Professor Daniel Weinstock: Director of McGill’s Institute for Health and Social Policy

On October 17, the sale and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes will be legalized across Canada. The rationale provided by the governing Liberal Party for this bold move has always been framed in terms of harm reduction, and in particular, the reduction of harms to which Canada’s youth have been vulnerable under the previous regime of criminalisation. The presentation will address the question of whether Canada’s harm reduction objectives are likely to be met, especially with respect to younger Canadians, under the specific regulatory mechanisms that have been put in place by the federal government and by provinces. Prof Weinstock will suggest that legalisation is unlikely to eradicate the thriving illegal trade in marijuana and in other drugs. Addressing the harms to which unregulated trade subjects our youth may require a much bolder set of policies. For example, addressing concerns with dangers of unregulated marijuana widely available to youth in the illegal market may require lowering age restrictions in the access to legal, regulated, and therefore presumably safer marijuana.

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