CMH Seminar: 21st February 2019 – Rethinking Suicide Prevention

12.30-1.30pm, Thur 21st February 2019
Seminar Room 410, Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Dr. Eric D. Caine, Director of the Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester N.Y. USA.

Preventing suicide and other self-injury mortality (e.g., overdose fatalities) requires a mosaic of initiatives. No single program addresses the many challenges posed by diverse groups of persons ‘at risk.’ We must deal with the needs of acutely distressed persons; yet there are scant data to suggest that such efforts substantially reduce population mortality rates.
Do we define our approaches to prevention based on decedents’ burdens on their day of death or do we look upstream, seeking to change the trajectory of vulnerable individuals’ lives? This presentation will discuss this question and consider whom to ‘target’ for preventive interventions.

Eric Caine has worked at the URMC since 1978. He led the Department of Psychiatry from 1993-2017. During the 1960s, his interests included suicide, treatment of substance use disorders, and public health. From the 1970s-1990s, his clinical duties involved inpatient psychiatry care from adolescence to old age, outpatient psychiatry and psychopharmacology consultation, and specialty work in geriatrics, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry. His research evolved to conditions arising later in life, which rekindled attention to suicide and suicide prevention, ultimately involving the entire life span. Preventing suicide, attempted suicide, and antecedent risks has become the entry key to the field of “public health and preventive psychiatry.”

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