CHE Seminar: 11th Jul 2019 – Understanding the role and place of alcohol consumption amongst young people in Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

10:30-11:30am, Thu, 11th July 2019
Seminar Room 515, Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

PhD Candidate: Ratih Eka Pertiwi
Supervisors: A/Prof Richard Chenhall, Dr Cathy Vaughan, and Professor Robin Room

Prevalent alcohol misuse amongst youth in Papua contributes to traffic accidents, violence, alcohol poisoning, and risky sexual behaviours. However, very little formal research has been done on alcohol in Papua, and almost none with youth to explore alcohol use from their perspective.

This ethnographic study aims to understand how, why and where youth drink alcohol; explore patterns of consumption of store-bought and home-brewed alcohol; and examine health and social impacts of alcohol from the perspective of youth and service providers.

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