Advanced Seminar 2019


28/03 Daniel Sier The electronic and magnetic properties of V-doped ZnSe at substitutional/interstitial sites
28/03 Daniel Crawford Two-dimensional chiral topological superconductivity in Shiba lattices
04/04 Nich Tran MN15-L: A New Local Exchange-Correlation Functional for Kohn−Sham Density Functional Theory with Broad Accuracy for Atoms, Molecules, and Solids
04/04 Tyler Gardener Model for a Quantum Hall Effect without Landau Levels: Condensed-Matter Realization of the “Parity Anomaly”
11/04 Lachlan Melia Heat capacity of paramagnetic nickelocene: Comparison with diamagnetic ferrocene
11/04 Russel Goldblatt Coherent Dynamics of Coupled Electron and Nuclear Spin Qubits in Diamond
18/04 Jason Butt Attosecond angular streaking and tunnelling time in atomic hydrogen
18/04 Nick Collins Scalable focused ion beam creation of nearly lifetime-limited single quantum emitters in diamond nanostructures
02/05 Michael Jones Characterizing quantum supremacy in near-term devices
02/05 Liam Thomas Silicon quantum processor with robust long-distance qubit couplings
09/05 Harish Vallury Phase diagram of boron-doped diamond revisited by thickness-dependent transport studie
09/05 Allister Chew Robust high-dynamic-range vector magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
16/05 Spiro Gicev Tracking the ultrafast motion of a single molecule by femtosecond orbital imaging
23/05 Henry Tan Broadband multimode fiber spectrometer
23/05 Di Wang Photoelectric detection of electron spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond
30/05 Ryan Parker Scalable Quantum Photonics with Single Color Centers in Silicon Carbide
30/05 Neuton Li Unraveling the optomechanical nature of plasmonic trapping