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  • Dominant Kitaev interactions in the honeycomb materials Na3Co2SbO6 and Na2Co2TeO6
    Alaric L. Sanders, Richard A. Mole, Jiatu Liu, Alex J. Brown, Dehong Yu, Chris D. Ling, Stephan Rachel
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  • Origin of Topological Surface Superconductivity in FeSe0.45Te0.55
    Eric Mascot, Sagen Cocklin, Martin Graham, Mahdi Mashkoori, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K. Morr
    Comm. Phys., 2022, 10.1038/s42005-022-00943-x
  • Triplet superconductivity from non-local Coulomb repulsion in Sn/Si(111)
    Sebastian Wolf, Domenico Di Sante, Tilman Schwemmer, Ronny Thomale and Stephan Rachel
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  • Topological superconductivity on the honeycomb lattice: Effect of normal state topology
    Sebastian Wolf, Tyler Gardener, Karyn Le Hur, Stephan Rachel
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  • Realization of a discrete time crystal on 57 qubits of a quantum computer
    Philipp Frey, Stephan Rachel
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  • Competition of first-order and second-order topology on the honeycomb lattice
    Matthew Bunney, Tomonari Mizoguchi, Yasuhiro Hatsugai, Stephan Rachel
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  • Majorana modes with side features in magnet-superconductor hybrid systems
    Daniel Crawford, Eric Mascot, Makoto Shimizu, Lucas Schneider, Philip Beck, Jens Wiebe, Roland Wiesendanger, Harald O. Jeschke, Dirk K. Morr, Stephan Rachel
  • Topological Shiba bands in artificial spin chains on superconductors
    Lucas Schneider, Philip Beck, Thore Posske, Daniel Crawford, Eric Mascot, Stephan Rachel, Roland Wiesendanger and Jens Wiebe
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  • From high-Tc to low-Tc: Multi-orbital effects in transition metal oxides
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  • Topological Superconductivity in Skyrmion Lattices
    Eric Mascot, Jasmin Bedow, Martin Graham, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K. Morr
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    Sebastian Wolf, Stephan Rachel
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  • Topological superconductivity induced by a triple-Q magnetic structure
    Jasmin Bedow, Eric Mascot, Thore Posske, Götz S. Uhrig, Roland Wiesendanger, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K. Morr
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  • Impurity-bound states as detectors of topological band structures revisited
    Seydou-Samba Diop, Lars Fritz, Matthias Vojta, Stephan Rachel
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  • High-Temperature Majorana Fermions in Magnet-Superconductor Hybrid Systems
    Daniel Crawford, Eric Mascot, Dirk K. Morr, Stephan Rachel
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  • Laser modulation of superconductivity in a cryogenic widefield nitrogen-vacancy microscope
    Scott E. Lillie, David A. Broadway, Nikolai Dontschuk, Sam C. Scholten, Brett Cameron Johnson, Sebastian Wolf, Stephan Rachel, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg, Jean-Philippe Tetienne
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  • Magnon Landau levels and emergent supersymmetry in strained antiferromagnets
    Mary Madelynn Nayga, Stephan Rachel, Matthias Vojta
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  • Stability of Disordered Topological Superconducting Phases in Magnet-Superconductor Hybrid Systems
    Eric Mascot, Chaitra Agrahar, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K. Morr
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  • Dimensional Tuning of Majorana Fermions and the Real Space Counting of the Chern Number
    Eric Mascot, Sagen Cocklin, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K. Morr
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  • Correlation-driven charge order in a frustrated two-dimensional atom lattice
    Florian Adler, Stephan Rachel, Manuel Laubach, Julian Maklar, Andrzej Fleszar, Jörg Schäfer, Ralph Claessen
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  • Atomic-Scale Interface Engineering of Majorana Edge Modes in a 2D Magnet-Superconductor Hybrid System
    Alexandra Palacio-Morales, Eric Mascot, Sagen Cocklin, Howon Kim, Stephan Rachel, Dirk K Morr, Roland Wiesendanger
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  • Quantum and Classical Phases of the Pyrochlore Heisenberg Model with Competing Interactions
    Yasir Iqbal, Tobias Müller, Pratyay Ghosh, Michel J. P. Gingras, Harald O. Jeschke, Stephan Rachel, Johannes Reuther, Ronny Thomale
    Phys. Rev. X 9, 011005 (2019).


  • Unconventional superconductivity in the extended Hubbard model: Weak-coupling renormalization group
    Sebastian Wolf, Thomas L. Schmidt, Stephan Rachel
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 174515 (2018), selected as an Editors’ suggestion.
  • Exact Excited States of Non-Integrable Models
    Sanjay Moudgalya, Stephan Rachel, B. Andrei Bernevig, Nicolas Regnault
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  • Interacting Topological Insulators: a review
    Stephan Rachel
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  • Cluster-glass phase in pyrochlore XY antiferromagnets with quenched disorder
    Eric C. Andrade, Jose A. Hoyos, Stephan Rachel, and Matthias Vojta
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  • Quantized charge transport in chiral Majorana edge modes
    Stephan Rachel, Eric Mascot, Sagen Cocklin, Matthias Vojta, and Dirk Morr
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  • Pseudo-Goldstone magnons in the frustrated S=3/2 Heisenberg helimagnet ZnCr2Se4 with a pyrochlore magnetic sublattice
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  • Signatures of a gearwheel quantum spin liquid in a spin-1/2 pyrochlore molybdate Heisenberg antiferromagnet
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    Manuel Laubach, Johannes Reuther, Ronny Thomale, and Stephan Rachel
    Phys. Rev. B Rapid Comm. 96, 121110(R) (2017); selected as an Editors’ suggestion.
  • Majorana Landau Level Raman Spectroscopy
    Brent Perreault, Stephan Rachel, F. J. Burnell, and Johannes Knolle
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  • Spin freezing in the disordered pyrochlore magnet NaCaCo2F7: NMR studies and Monte-Carlo simulations
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