Statistical Genomics

David Balding

David Balding, Professor of Statistical Genomics

djbhandsWelcome to David Balding’s Statistical Genomics group at the University of Melbourne.

I am Director of Melbourne Integrative Genomics and R@MAP (Research @ Melbourne Accelerator Program) Professor of Statistical Genomics, appointed November 2014, based jointly in the School of BioSciences and the School of Mathematics & Statistics.

I also have an affiliation with the UCL Genetics Institute in London, where I was based full time from 2009 to 2014.

My educational background is in maths (D Phil in Mathematics, Oxford 1990) and since then I have worked to develop and apply mathematical/statistical/computational methods and ideas in genetics and genomics.

Some key words:

• Computational statistics
• Epidemiology and Biostatistics
• Evaluation of forensic DNA profiles
• Evolutionary Genetics
• Genetic Epidemiology
• Population Genetics
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