I have worked full-time in the Statistical Consulting Centre since 2004.

In this time I have consulted on over 600 different projects, and  provided over 200 reports to clients.

My background  is in psychology and statistics, and I bring to consulting over thirty years of experience in working in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Victorian government agencies, and academic institutions. I enjoy the  challenge and stimulation of working with clients  from many different fields. Providing plain language explanations and  applied interpretations of statistical analysis, often using high quality statistical graphics, is an important part of my consulting practice.

Some examples of my consulting work include:

  • Design and analysis of a range of different surveys of public transport users for government agencies including Public Transport Victoria and Transport for NSW.
  • Analysis of  police records in a case of racial profiling in Flemington and North  Melbourne (in collaboration with Ian Gordon).
  • Analysis of survey data measuring family and child well-being to investigate the role of family structure, donor insemination, and the child’s knowledge of his/her conception on well-being.  This work was done in collaboration with Professor Gab Kovacs and Dr Sarah Wise.
  • Analysis of student well-being surveys for the University of Melbourne (in collaboration with Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe and Dr Chi Baik).

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