Statistical  consulting provides many and varied opportunities for research  collaborations. Some recent publications arising out of consulting include:

Abel K, Healey M, Finch S, Osianlis T & Vollenhoven B. (2019). Associations between embryo grading and congenital malformations in IVF/ICSI pregnancies. Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

Bowden SC & Finch S (2017) When is a test reliable enough and why does it matter? In Neuropsychological Assessment in the Age of Evidence-Based Practice Diagnostic and Treatment Evaluations, Bowden SC (Ed.), Oxford University Press.

Campbell KE, Dennerstein L, Finch S & Szoeke CE. (2017) Impact of menopausal status on negative mood and depressive symptoms in a longitudinal sample spanning 20 years. Menopause.

D’Aprano A, Johnston H, Jarman R, Jeyaseelan D, Chan YP, Johansen K & Finch S. (2019). Practitioners’ perceptions of the ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool for use in Aboriginal children: A preliminary survey. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Hyakumura T, McDougall SJ, Finch S, Needham K, Dottori M & Nayagam BA. (2019) Organotypic co-cultures of human pluripotent stem cell derived-neurons with mammalian inner ear hair cells and cochlear nucleus slices, Stem Cells International.

Rose AM, Johnstone T, Finch S & Beck C. (2017). The effect of recumbency position on the ultrasound measurement of the canine adrenal gland in non-adrenal gland illness. Veterinary Medicine-Research and Reports.

Ryan A, McColl G J, O’Brien R, Chiavaroli N, Judd T, Finch S & Swanson D. (2017). Tensions in post‐examination feedback: information for learning versus potential for harm. Medical Education.

Walter L, Finch S, Cullen B, Fry R, Logan A & Leury B. (2019) The effect of physiological state, milk production traits and environmental conditions on milk fat globule size in bovine milk. Journal of Dairy Research.

Yu L, Lacorcia L, Finch S, & Johnstone T. (2019). Assessment of treatment outcomes in hyperthyroid cats treated with an orally administered fixed dose of radioiodine. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery,


You can find more of my publications here.

A recent publication about the quality of graphics in academic research:

Gordon I & Finch S. (2015) Statistician heal thyself: have we lost the plot? Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. 24(4): 1210-1229.

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