Statistical  consulting provides many and varied opportunities for research  collaborations.

Here are some recent publications, including those arising out of consulting:


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D’Aprano A, Johnston H, Jarman R, Jeyaseelan D, Chan YP, Johansen K & Finch S. (2020). Practitioners’ perceptions of the ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool for use in Aboriginal children: A preliminary survey. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Jan;56(1):94-101.

Hau JA, Holt CM, Finch S & Dowell RC. (2020). The Adaptation to Mandarin-Accented English by Older, Hearing-Impaired Listeners Following Brief Exposure to the Accent. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63(3), 858-871.

Proudlove R, Finch S & Thomas S. (2020). Factors influencing intention to invest in a community owned renewable energy initiative in Queensland, Australia. Energy Policy, 140, 111441.

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Yu L, Lacorcia L, Finch S, & Johnstone T. (2020). Assessment of treatment outcomes in hyperthyroid cats treated with an orally administered fixed dose of radioiodine. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Aug;22(8):744-52.

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A publication about the quality of graphics in academic research:

Gordon I & Finch S. (2015) Statistician heal thyself: have we lost the plot? Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. 24(4): 1210-1229.

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