Study design

The three Rs of study design

Data preparation

Tips on preparing your data

Worried about outliers?

Take care with context

Statistical software for researchers at The University of Melbourne

Statistical software download

Library guide about downloadable software

Information about myUniApps

Basic inference in R

Reporting and presenting statistical results

Understanding two-way interaction

Understanding boxplots

Five principles for creating good graphs

Why you shouldn’t use pie charts

Graphing complexity

Error bars on graphs

Tricks for plotting confidence intervals in Minitab

Summary tables for reporting analyses

What is an effect size?

What is a P-value?

How to report P-values

There’s more to life than statistical significance

Free statistical literacy subject

Data Fundamentals is available to all University of Melbourne students.
This is a series of online statistical literacy modules. The series runs four times a year, and you can register your interest here.
By registering, you will receive emails about when this series is available for enrolment.  Once you enrol, you will have access to all the learning materials there.
The four modules are designed to be taken sequentially.  Keeping this in mind, you may wish to choose aspects of the content that are most relevant to your needs.

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